The Slow Path for Studious Learners to a Career in Software Development

Structured Curriculum from First Principles

Our program is about slowly building up mastery of fundamentals, so you understand how higher level abstractions truly work from the bottom up. Our goal isn't to teach you how to use React or Rails, but to show you how to construct accurate mental representations of first principles in order to tackle fundamental engineering problems. Our goal isn't to help you find a job, but help you launch a career. Our goal isn't to teach you to code, but to teach you how to deconstruct and problem solve like an engineer.

By Software Engineers for Future Software Engineers

Launch School was founded by experienced software engineers. We know what it takes to not only break into software, but to build and grow a career as an engineer in the software industry. Our objective is to increase your lifetime earnings by millions of dollars. This is what makes Launch School unique and why we focus on the long-term results of a career. Our curriculum was created by software engineers for future software engineers — you.

Prior to Launch School, I had probably watched thousands of hours worth of tutorials and had actually worked professionally in web development for years, without having the clarity I do now. Launch School is definitely doing things the right way.
Steven Alston
The Core curriculum was amazing. It really delivered on its promise on mastering the fundamentals.
Julia Martin
After completing the back-end portion of the core curriculum, I was able to develop such a clear and precise understanding of its topics that I found myself teaching some of these concepts to family and friends who were beginning to feel lost in their own computer science courses.
Rick Mole
After a few weeks into JS101 I felt comfortable enough accept an offer to work part time in a Unity team programming a few key aspects of a VR experience. Despite it being written in C#, the fundamentals and problem solving focus of the early LS courses came in very handy.
Marc Hermann
While the curriculum was amazing, I don't think I'd have progressed as much as I have if I didn't have to prepare for each assessment. I learned something from every single one and I'm so grateful to the LS staff for their feedback. They're the secret sauce.
Ric Gonzalez
I feel I have learned more than I would at a boot camp and feel I have really mastered the material Launch School provided. Thank you all so very much, it has been a wonderful experience and I am walking away with the tools I need to pursue a career of my choice that I will find satisfaction and meaning in, and that means the world to me.
Brendan Vonick
"We're one of the oldest and largest coding schools in the world."

Our Learning Goals

The key to unlocking higher level understanding and skills that last a career is focusing on fundamentals. We designed our curriculum with the following learning goals.

  • Fundamentals first, fundamentals throughout
  • A focus on learning things that don't change
  • Learn slowly and deliberately
  • Learn to be proficient, not just build awareness
  • Learn to understand problems, not solutions
  • Learn in a circular fashion

Our students love us, and if you are committed to building a career in software development, you will too

  • Sienna Wood
    Software Engineer

    Experts always return to fundamentals because they are the foundation on which everything else is built. Launch School’s core program embodies this principle by emphasizing mastery of fundamentals through purposeful individual study.

  • Steve Kolock
    New York
    Front-end Developer

    I got a different role making significantly more than twice what I had been making as a 'web specialist', putting me firmly in six-figure

  • Letladi Sebesho
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Full Stack Developer at Co-Foundy

    This programme opened possibilities for me that would have taken me years to reach

  • Sunny Beatteay
    New York City
    Software Engineer

    From the first glance, it was apparent that Launch School had been founded by industry veterans. I have never encountered a curriculum more in-depth and rigorous

A Serious Training Curriculum That's Designed to Launch a Career

Core Curriculum

Mastery of Fundamentals


Launch Your Career

Complete the Core Curriculum courses and pass their assessments, and you'll have mastered the fundamentals. Participate in our Capstone Program, and you'll launch a career.

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Our graduates have been hired by industry leading companies and some of the most competitive startups

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