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Ruby Basics- New Video Walkthroughs

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As part of our Programming & Back-end Prep course here at Launch School, we provide students with a series of 120 exercises that we call Ruby Basics. Anyone who has completed free registration with Launch School can utilize this extensive exercise series to improve their programming skills. These simple exercises lay the foundation for the path to mastery, and are meant to build fluency in general programming concepts and Ruby syntax, specifically. They cover topics including data structures, looping, variable scope, methods, and more.

Today we are excited to announce that the Ruby Basics exercises now have video walkthroughs available to watch as part of the exercise solutions and discussions. These videos demonstrate how to solve the given problems step-by-step beginning with a blank text editor and finishing with a working solution. Along the way, we explore potential alternatives and common pitfalls. Students who are brand new to programming or to Ruby syntax may find these videos especially valuable.

We hope that these videos will serve as another useful learning tool on the journey to mastery. If you are in Launch School’s Programming & Back-end Prep course, be sure to check out them out as you work through the Ruby Basics exercises!