Conclusion and Next Steps


Congratulations on completing the first book of our two-book series on programming in Ruby! You should now start to feel a little bit more comfortable solving programming problems in Ruby.

If this is the first time you've read through a programming book, it's very likely that you'll retain only a fraction of the topics covered in this book. Don't fret, that's normal. Learning to program, like learning any skill, requires lots of repetition and practice, and over time, things will start to sink in.

Don't take a sequential approach to learning to program. You won't master all the material in this book on the first try. Take a circular approach to learning, and you'll have "ah ha" moments the second, third or even fourth attempt on a topic. Use other resources, review another introductory level book; the next time around, you'll be surprised by how much more you can retain.

But most importantly, don't stop coding and practicing.

Object Oriented Programming

The next step in your journey is to now learn about Object Oriented Programming. Before diving into that topic, however, take time to practice the programming basics you learned in this book.

If you're taking the Launch School course, you can stop here. We will cover Object Oriented Programming later in the course.

If you're reading this on your own, take some time to write some programs. After getting some practice, you can start on the second book.