Capstone Mentoring Program

The Capstone Mentoring program is an optional, invitation-only, and final phase for students who have completed all of our Mastery-Based Learning courses. The goal of the Capstone Mentoring program is to provide a full-service, immersive, and maximal intensive program that aims to prepare students for the top jobs in the industry to start their careers as software engineers.

You'll be working with one of our mentors to come up with a study plan based on your interests and job availability. We'll guide you through the job research process, take inventory of the skills required for your ideal jobs, and help you shore up any weaknesses you may have before applying to your target companies. As a part of the process, we will also guide you through one or two significant capstone projects that will highlight your competency and make you stand out among all job applicants. To give a rough example of the type of projects we're aiming for here: previous participants have given talks at major conferences about their projects. You may or may not give a talk about your capstone project(s), but it won't be another Rails/Angular/React application -- it'll be far more sophisticated and will showcase your ability as an engineer.

No Upfront Cost

Because you will have completed all our courses and passed all our assessments, we'll know you well and will have confidence in your abilities at this point. We will invest in you first, and pour all our resources in you and align ourselves to your success. We'll collect a percentage of your first year's salary as a fee when you get your job offer. You don't pay us anything until then.

To participate in this program, you should understand that:

  • We're incentivized to help you get a top job at the best company possible, and your goal should be the same.
  • You must be able to learn full-time, often during evenings and weekends. Time commitment will be a minimum of 40 hours/week to 60+ hours/week.
  • Be prepared to work really, really hard.

Student Experiences

Capstone Mentoring FAQ

In general, we're looking for the following attributes:

  • You have completed all our courses.
  • You have excelled on all the assessments.
  • You're actively looking for an engineering job.
  • You can make finding a job your top priority.
  • You must have significant time available to study.
  • You must be legally able to work and reside in the US.
  • You have some location flexibility, especially around moving to Bay Area, New York, Boston, or Chicago.

Along with the above, we're also looking for people who:

  • ... have demonstrated extremely high work ethic.
  • ... are a pleasure to work with and be around.
  • ... have high character and integrity.
  • ... are professional and courteous.
  • ... know how to study and learn things deeply.
  • ... are well spoken and can communicate professionally.
  • ... have superior writing ability.

No, you should be job ready just by completing our courses, without Capstone Mentoring. However, the goal of the Capstone program is to leverage our mentors to maximize your time and energy, so that you'll get the best top possible, and land not just any job. The goal is to get a great position for the start of your software engineering career.

Typically 8-12 weeks, but as long as it takes for you to get a job. Our incentives are aligned, so we're fully invested in your success. We won't abandon you. As long as you don't change your mind about becoming a software engineer and can put in the work, we'll work hard with you to get you there.

The exact topics will vary depending on your interests and objectives, but here are the high level topics we may cover:

  • Refresh and strengthen the fundamentals
  • Software architecture and system design
  • Classic software and engineering literature
  • Technical communication
  • Intermediate and advanced algorithms
  • Design, research and build your capstone project
  • Job research, interview preparation and practice

We may do open source projects, work on real production apps, ask you to read books and research papers, or take other courses, attend conferences and community events, etc. This experience is going to be more like having an advisor that guides you through a graduate-level research thesis, than it is to have someone spoonfeed you simple concepts.

Typical placement services will give you resources, and outline generic advice on how to approach a job search. But this is very different from having you work with someone for 8-12 weeks in a full-time capacity. Most other bootcamps will have you work with an internal recruiter or placement specialist at this point, which is very different from working with senior engineers who are dedicated to your success.

In most other one on one mentoring programs, you're assigned a mentor who will work with you on a fixed curriculum. This is great, but we believe that walking you through the fundamentals is not the best use of a mentor's time - this is a lengthy, circular and oftentimes repetitive phase that's best spread out in months. During this phase, effort and practice are more important than high-level guidance. Most other programs tend to either skip the fundamentals and have mentors work with you on projects too early, in which case your knowledge will stay on the surface and tied to a language / framework. Or, they don't go deep enough and don't quite take you far enough, because an experienced developer's time is very expensive. Our courses are staffed and supported by TAs, who help you get unstuck when you need it. We save mentoring until the final phase, because that's where we believe the most impact can be made.

In our Mastery-Based Learning courses + Capstone Mentoring model, you'll be working with your mentors on a much higher level, on much more interesting and challenging projects, and on a customized plan instead of a fixed curriculum. And finally, our payment model has our interests fully aligned with yours to force us to fully focus on your results.

To learn more about our Mastery-Based Learning courses, read the faq.

No. It's really really important to have solid fundamentals before you start the Capstone Mentoring program. We've been teaching beginners for a while now, and the number 1 mistake that beginners make is attempting to learn more advanced topics without solid understanding of the basics. Our curriculum is designed so that you'll have well rounded skills when you finish, then if you want to take the Capstone Mentoring program, you'll really fly. If you've been self learning and feel you are ready, you may be able to go through our courses fast, and all you have to do to qualify for Capstone Mentoring is excel in the assessments.

Yes, we're happy to work with you on a payment plan once you get your job.

We'll ask you to do your own job search before entering this program. Once you start, we want to be able to fully invest in you to help you succeed, knowing that our goals are the same. Otherwise it'll be difficult to say precisely how much we have contributed in the process. Please only enter the program if you agree to the terms.

We can't. We likely will have invested huge amount of time in you at that point, and we trust you will treat us fairly. If you think you may want to do this, please don't apply.