Your Roadmap to Becoming a Professional Developer

The Preparatory phase is free and not supported.
The rest of the program is $199 / month and fully supported.

Preparatory Work

All courses in the Preparatory phase are completely free and regardless of your background, this is where you should start. In the first course, we'll cover what software development is, what the job market looks like for developers, and what learning at Launch School is about. The second preparatory course contains the pre-requisites for the paid courses. These preparatory courses will walk you through everything you need to get started. This includes using the command line, working with git and GitHub, an introduction to your first programming language, and a small taste of problem solving and debugging.

Course No. Name
95 Orientation
100 Programming & Back-end Prep

Programming and Back-end Development

The courses in this phase will provide you with a solid foundation in general programming and problem solving with Ruby, and teach you modern web application development from the ground up. After completing this phase, you should have a solid understanding of how to break down problems and express your solution and ideas in code. You'll also be exposed to server-side web application development and be comfortable working with stateless server-side code. Finally, you'll fully understand the protocol underlying web development, HTTP, and how to work with relational databases and SQL.

Course No. Name
101 Programming Foundations
109 Assessment Assessment: Ruby and General Programming
120 Object Oriented Programming
129 Assessment Assessment: Object Oriented Programming
130 Ruby Foundations: More Topics
139 Assessment Assessment: Ruby Foundations More Topics
170 Web Development
179 Assessment Assessment: Web Development
180 SQL and Relational Databases
189 Assessment Assessment: SQL and Relational Databases

Front-end Development

This phase will focus on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the various tools and practices professional Front-end developers use. By the end of this phase, you'll have a good grasp of how HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, are used to create interactive web pages. Along the way, we’ll prepare you to learn any Front-end framework/library by mastering and using vanilla JavaScript for interacting with the DOM.

Course No. Name
201 HTML and CSS
209 Assessment Assessment: HTML and CSS
210 Computational Thinking and JavaScript Programming
219 Assessment Assessment: Computational Thinking and JavaScript Programming
225 Object Oriented JavaScript
229 Assessment Assessment: Object Oriented JavaScript
230 DOM and Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript
239 Assessment Assessment: DOM and Asynchronous Programming with JavaScript

Frameworks and Integrations (Capstone Topics)

Once you have a solid grasp of a programming language and the fundamentals of web development, it's time to level up and learn professional grade software development frameworks, engineering processes, and architectural concerns. We'll take apart popular frameworks, like Ruby on Rails and Backbone, and use agile processes to prototype, build, grow, and maintain production quality applications and integrate with other services using web APIs.

Course No. Name
260 Building Applications with Client-Side MVC
299 Assessment Assessment: Client-Side MVC Final
301 Rapid Prototyping with Ruby on Rails
310 Build Robust and Production Quality Applications
399 Assessment Assessment: Full Stack Final