Programming Foundations with JavaScript: Intermediate


In this course, we'll delve a little deeper into working with data structures such as strings, arrays, and objects. We'll also learn how to work with collections, particularly in conjunction with the widely-used iterative methods such as forEach, map, filter, reduce, and others. Finally, we'll fine-tune our problem-solving process and learn to use it by working on more complex programs, and get familiar with using debugging tools.

Major Topics

  • JavaScript data structures and when to use them: strings, arrays, and objects
  • Iteration methods in JavaScript: forEach, map, filter, and more
  • Debugging larger programs
  • The PEDAC process for problem solving
  • Nested data structures


Programming and Back-end Development

Detailed Syllabus

Problem Solving

  • The PEDAC Problem Solving Process
  • Debugging with the Node Debugger

Data Structures and Collections

  • Strings, Arrays, and Objects
  • Nested Data Structures


  • Looping
  • Callback functions
  • Selection and Transformation
  • Other Iterative Methods
  • Sorting

Slightly Larger Programs

  • ESLint configuration
  • Decomposition of bigger problems
  • Build a Tic Tac Toe game
  • TTT game bonus features
  • Build a Twenty-One game
  • Twenty-One game bonus features