Networked Applications


This course will cover server side development from first principles. We'll build on your knowledge of HTTP and the request/response cycle to create a dynamic web application from scratch, before moving on to build some more complex applications using a lightweight development framework. We'll also talk about other development considerations such as deployment and security, and deploy an application to Heroku.


Programming and Back-end Development


Detailed Syllabus

Handling HTTP Requests

  • A simple echo server
  • Parsing paths and parameters
  • Sending a complete HTTP response
  • Dealing with empty HTTP requests
  • Persisting states in the URL

Project: Build a Book Reading App

  • How routes work
  • Rendering templates
  • Project: build a book reading app
  • Showing table of contents
  • Adding a chapter page
  • Using layouts to remove duplication between templates
  • Working with route parameters
  • Working with filters
  • View helpers
  • Redirecting
  • Adding a search form

Project: Build a Todo List

  • What is state?
  • Viewing all todo list
  • Creating a new todo list
  • Designing URLs
  • Clearing cookies
  • Flash messages
  • Validations
  • Capturing template content for display elsewhere
  • Editing todo lists
  • Deleting todo list
  • Adding todos to a list
  • Marking todos as completed
  • Completing all todos in a list
  • Using view helpers to apply styles
  • Sorting and filtering with helpers

Securing Applications

  • Sanitizing HTML
  • Handling bad input

Adding JavaScript

  • Including JavaScript files
  • Confirming destructive actions
  • Making HTTP requests from JavaScript