Networked Applications with JavaScript


This course covers server-side development from first principles. We build on your knowledge of HTTP and the request/response cycle to create a dynamic web application from scratch, before moving on to build more complex applications using a lightweight development framework.


Programming and Back-end Development

Detailed Syllabus


  • What is a Networked Application?
  • Static Content vs Dynamic Content
  • A Brief History of Networked Applications
  • HTML Recap

Application Logic

  • Server-side Processing
  • A Simple Echo Server
  • Adding Logic
  • Sending Data to the Server
  • Loan Calculator: Basic Text Response
  • Loan Calculator: Adding Markup
  • Loan Calculator: Persisting State in the URL


  • What is Templating?
  • Limitations of Template Literals
  • Template Engines
  • Refactoring Loan Calculator


  • The Abstract Path
  • Refactoring Loan Calculator: Multiple Resources
  • Refactoring Loan Calculator: Static Assets
  • Refactoring Loan Calculator: HTTP Methods
  • Refactoring Loan Calculator: Request Handlers
  • Refactoring Loan Calculator: Using a Routing Engine

Frameworks and Libraries

  • HTML and CSS
  • Learning Express and Pug
  • Hello World
  • Static Assets
  • Multiple Pages
  • Logging
  • Pug Layouts
  • View Variables and Helpers
  • Loops
  • Parameterized Routes
  • Forms
  • Middleware
  • Basic Validation
  • Express-Validator
  • Sessions and Persistence
  • Flash Messages

Todo App

  • The Home Page
  • Display All Todo Lists
  • Sort the Todo Lists
  • Add a New Todo List
  • Validating New Todo Lists
  • Adding Flash Messaging
  • Validation and Sanitization
  • Display a Single Todo List
  • Editing Todos
  • Creating New Todos
  • Editing a Todo List
  • Session Persistence
  • Confirmation Dialogs