From Consultant to Engineering Director

I highly recommend Launch School for beginners to web development or programming in general

Having successfully built a web based business in the past, one of the biggest challenges I faced as a developer & entrepreneur was striking a balance between building quality code and iterating quickly. I found the faster the business grew, the more complex and unmanageable the code became. At its core, this program is about just that -| writing production quality code that solves complicated problems but still remains manageable, testable and fun to work on.

The program does a great job of building up concepts throughout the course at the right time.

As the programming assignments become more complex a new concept is introduced to tear down the complexity. By the end of the course students are thinking like true developers, complexity is no longer overwhelming but can easily be broken down and knocked out. This includes object oriented design, automated testing and refactoring, and general principles and practices of writing good code. The code reviews by TA's certainly help with that.

The format of the courses is the most efficient I’ve seen. It’s a mixture of written lessons, recorded programming sessions, forums and group chat. If you get stuck and you post a question, you generally get a response quickly (usually minutes). You can answer any question in the forums or the slack chatrooms if you want to help. This creates a team approach to learning where everyone is helping everyone else along and has become one of my favorite things about the program.

The course is initially focused on Ruby, and JavaScript, but ultimately the concepts taught in this course make you a better problem solver. I believe the best way to become an awesome programmer is to sit next to and code with other awesome programmers. Launch School is the closest thing I’ve found to this experience, and in some ways, might be even better.