From Never Coded to Junior Software Developer

In the end I truly believe that Launch School changed my life

I just got hired as a junior software developer at an amazing company in LA making 20K more than I was making previously! This would have never happened had it not been for Launch School's amazing program.

I majored in psychology and had never coded before starting the program. I studied for 5-6 hours every night for a few months and acquired strong engineering skills that made me feel ready to start applying for jobs. After spending some time looking, I received a call from a local company inviting me for a three hour, in-person technical interview. And guess what? When the interview came along I was prepared and in the end, received an offer from the company.

If it wasn’t for the in depth material covered at Launch School, I don’t think I would have received the offer. The strong emphasis on fundamentals, exercises and code challenges gave me a lot of confidence growing into a software engineer. But what I believe really tipped the scale in my favor is the portfolio of projects I built throughout the program. Some of them are major, production quality and fully tested apps that really impressed the lead engineers at the company. I believe anyone can build simple apps following a tutorial. One of the reasons Launch School is so unique is that you learn how to real world applications where you get to learn how to make engineering decisions and trade-offs. This is how you differentiate yourself from graduates of most other bootcamps who spend a few weeks on one or two frameworks and build toy apps. At Launch School, we focus on the ideas behind frameworks and the reason why they exist.

In the end I truly believe that Launch School changed my life. For those of you who are working through the program - just have faith. Make sure you work through the curriculum, solve code challenges, build projects and stay positive. Once you get to show what you have learned in your interviews I promise good things will happen!