Landed the Perfect Junior Developer Job

I landed what I consider being the perfect junior ruby developer job before even finishing the program

Recruiters are not as much looking for an array of specific technical skills as for the ability to acquire them autonomously. Launch School offers both. Learning the concepts and techniques taught at Launch School gave me a good understanding of web development and placed me above most aspiring junior developers in my home market (France). And, what's more, I learned to read documentations and rely on myself to solve problems.

An imposed pace would have compelled me to build new knowledge on less sound foundations. Being a self-paced bootcamp, Launch School allowed me to spend as much time as I needed to learn the basics. It happened to be very important for the beginner I was.

I don't think I could have found a more suitable way to learn programming. Actually, even now that I have a job, I keep learning with Lauch Shcool in my spare time.