Found a Job I'm Passionate About

I came upon Launch School about 2 years ago when searching for a online program that would provide me with a strong foundation in building web applications. The ones that I had on my short list were, Thinkful, General Assembly, and Launch School. I chose Launch School because it was the only one that was focused on building students a robust foundation and because its model allowed me to work through the course at my own pace. I was convinced that I chose the right course not long after I started.

While you would work through the program at your own pace you would never feel alone. When I was stuck I would throw my questions out in the forum, or the chatrooms and get a quick reply either by a fellow student, a teaching assistant, or the instructors. When the instructors respond to you to ensure that you get a satisfactory answer, you know that they are truly keen on helping you understand.

I have since spoken to people who have completed other courses with the companies in my short list. Some have signed up to other programs because they still don't have a good grasp of web development, and all of them don't have much experience with modern best practices. Testing is especially important if you're serious in getting a job as a developer. When I started applying for jobs I got a really high response rate (~98%) because of my ability to complete coding challenges with robust tests.

I'm more than happy to provide this testimonial because I’m now working in a job that I can honestly say I'm passionate about thanks to Launch School.