Life-changing Experience

I've been working as a Software Engineer / DevOps Engineer for about 3 months now and I just love every day of my work

My Launch School path was a life-changing experience. I enrolled into the program in early 2016, completed every course by the end of 2016 and got accepted into the Capstone Program in early 2017. The Launch School team was always there to help and answer any questions I had. What's more, they were always fair regarding my assessments and evaluations. And this is a really important part of the program: you have to trust the process. I had my fair share of doubts along the way (as we all do - what language should I learn? Is Ruby the right language? How about this fancy new full-stack JavaScript framework?). But, as I mentioned before, it is really important to put in hard work and follow the program. You certainly can take a shortcut and SOMEHOW manage to complete the program and get a job in the field. However, your ultimate goal should be to get one of the top jobs out there. And trust me, the Launch School team and their curriculum are more than capable of helping you to achieve that.

While the basic curriculum helped me tremendously to understand the components of the Web, programming language fundamentals and how every piece in a technological stack interacts with other pieces, the Capstone experience has definitely taken me beyond the level I've reached upon completing the basic program. Not only my team and I worked and successfully completed a very impressive project, we also learned about the job hunt process, advanced algorithms and data structures, software development methodologies and many, many other things. I learned how real software engineers work as a team, how they communicate while working on a serious project and how to approach technical problem in a collaborative fashion. All in all, it was an amazing learning experience and I'm very happy to say that all this lead me to a great position in a company that I really love!

A few words regarding my current position. I've been working as a Software Engineer / DevOps Engineer for about 3 months now and I just love every day of my work. I couldn't even imagine that my Launch School experience will translate so rapidly into this kind of position (which is not a junior role). I already made several significant contributions to the company's codebase and as our team grows, we plan to hire more and more engineers. Without a doubt, I would hire Launch School graduates as I know I can trust the curriculum and learning from first principles.