This Program Will Change You

I can easily say Launch School has prepared me for a future I am confident in

This program will change you. Launch School's mastery-based learning ingrains in you what it means to know something, and if you don't know it yet you will, because it's all about the path. Step-by-step, test-by-test you begin to realize how much you're learning, doing things you never thought you'd be doing, with skills you never thought you'd have. It will breathe life into how you solve problems, how you look at problems, and your approach to education will never be the same.

People. I think this is what makes Launch School what it is. I have never met such an honest and caring group of people. The community is a product of Launch School's beliefs and you can tell people believe it. Feeling lonely? You will always find people up for pairing. Struggling? TA's are always there to help. Want to review with others? Join a study group. However, who really takes the cake is the founders. These are people who live what they say and whose sincerity will leave you floored. The experience would not be the same without this amazing group of people.

Capstone. If I could sum it up in one phrase it'd be this: you will blow yourself away. Your foundational investment will payoff as you build something truly awesome. I'm not going to say it's a walk in the park, but the level of effort put in, the intense camaraderie built up, and the amount of pride taken in the resulting work will have you looking back at how it translates so well to your newfound career that you'll say, "I'd do it a thousand times over." With an intense experience shared between a cohort who will quickly become your close friends and access to empathetic mentors who keep you going when the going gets tough and push you when you need to be pushed, there is nothing else like it.

Where am I at? Well, I had the incredible opportunity to get all I ever wanted out of a career-launching position: work with a world-class team focused on quality craftsmanship, work for a company growing at a break-neck speed (for you Americans, Deliveroo is a unicorn), and have the exposure to every web-based technology I ever dreamed of. But the beauty of it all is seeing the impact of Launch School in my everyday work. After having experienced Capstone, joining a company like this felt natural and familiar and allowed me to hit the ground running from day one. I can easily say Launch School has prepared me for a future I am confident in and that although I don't know everything, well, the rest is just part of the path.