From Little Programming Background to Professional Developer

Joining this program is by far the best decision (aside from marrying my wife), investment of time, and investment of money that I have ever made in my life

Before enrolling in this program I didn't 'really' know any programming. I had taken a Visual Basic class my freshman year of high school, and 1/2 a semester of Java/C++ in college before I dropped out. I had no idea what 'Object Oriented' programming even meant; I didn't even know automated testing was a thing that was possible. I didn't know anything about server side web development. I knew I wanted to do programming, but there were just so many unknowns and it was all so overwhelming. I didn't know what language I wanted to learn, or where to start learning. There are thousands of places to learn programming online, and it's really a lot of information overload.

This program changed all of that for me. The instructors do a great job of simplifying things and keeping you on a focused track. I learned more in the first month than I did my entire life up to then combined.

Very soon into the program I felt very confident about my future in web development. Soon after completing the program I was offered multiple job offers as a junior developer.

A month after finishing the program, I accepted an offer for my dream job. Work from home, consulting/programming on all kinds of different projects. I went from no real experience to having a programming job 4 months later. I even got hired to do work in languages other than those I learned at Launch School. Based on the skills I had acquired here, I get to work with RubyMotion, Javascript (regular and MVC frameworks like Ember and Angular), Clojure, and more.

The instructors and TA's are incredibly nice and genuinely care about your success. I looked into MANY of these types of programs before settling on Launch School. I'm supremely confident I made the right choice by a large margin. The other programs just aren't as good, and the ones that might be on par cost as much as I made in an entire year and required a physical presence at a location.

There was a lot of work, especially with a full time and part-time job, but now I have my dream job after persisting with this excellent and accessible program. I would not hesitate to recommend Launch School to anyone interested in learning programming and web development.