From Little Background in Coding to Software Engineer at HP

My background is in hardware engineering, online marketing, e-commerce with some programming coursework in college, but no experience in OOP whatsoever. I've always considered myself entrepreneurial and wanted to develop the ideas that I come across from time to time into web apps. After taking almost every tutorial on the web (Free and Paid) for learning Rails, and not quite feeling that I could do something on my own, I came across some blog posts by Launch School on Hacker News about some upcoming training with their online academy. By this time. I spent quite a bit of time researching the 10-12 week physical boot camps scattered across NYC and San Francisco to teach the fundamentals of web development. The part that interested me the most of Launch School's style was that it was completely online and could be done part-time which was ideal for me, as I was currently working.

The course work was challenging, yet engaging and rewarding. The Launch School community, which comprises the instructors, TA's and the students, were very supportive and provided lots of feedback for just about anything.

In just 2 months after completing the last course and submersing myself into the local Rails community, I got an offer as a Rails developer from a Fortune 100 company. I learned a great deal about what it takes for an individual without prior programming experience to network, resume writing, building out a portfolio, blogging and honing your interviewing skills to get a job as a developer. Launch School has laid out a plan that can get you from almost nothing to a well grounded programmer. All you have to do is "Show up, Pay Attention, Ask Questions and Do the Assignments".