From QA Team Leader to Full Stack Web Developer

I visited Launch School a while ago when I was wandering around, searching for resources on web development. I had lots of theoretical Ruby knowledge but never got my hands dirty at all. When I visited the site, I saw the course outlines, and thought to myself it really was worth a shot. Being a little skeptical (and sending some show-off emails to let them be aware that a coding dude is coming) I signed up to the second course.

It took me exactly 2 lessons to know I'm going to continue to the third one.

Since good code is often about being concise. I'll sum it up as follows:

  1. Awesome team: The instructors are just incredibly good at coding, but more important, they know how to teach!
  2. Awesome forums: lots of discussion to ramp-up your knowledge and great help from all the TA's
  3. The courses are incremental but very comprehensive. You will build a lot of front-end and back-end applications! Got my hands dirty like never before.

So, if you're really considering becoming a well grounded web developer from scratch, this is the right place for you.