Gain Confidence to Pursue His Ideas

This is the course to go for to get a concrete foundation on programming

Before Launch School, my ideas remained ideas. Most of the time, if I wanted to pursue the idea, I had to find ways to get people to work together, pay them, to develop the ideas I have. But no more. After taking courses at Launch School, I now have confidence to pursue the ideas I have; to get it rolling and gain traction first.

Since then, I have built a web app to help people build their personal and professional brands and credibility. This app incorporates concepts that are beyond the core curriculum in Launch School, like natural language processing, NoSQL, algorithms etc. Before going through the program, I could not have thought about tackling these topics as I only know how to do simple arithmetic. Now, thanks to Launch School, I am ready for more.

This is the program to go for to get a concrete foundation in programming and web development. It is not going to be a walk in a park, but it is going to be scenic marathon, with buddies running alongside.

I know you will enjoy the journey, just like I did