Experiencing Joy at Programming

If you are considering doing a bootcamp or any sort of online course to become a web developer, you have found the one - Launch School

Hi All - After wasting so much time reading tutorials, reading books and sort of half-knowing how to develop web applications, I happened upon Launch School.

Its promise of "no more half-assed attempts at picking up web development" spoke to me so I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision I ever made.

This is the real deal - the instructors, along with the TAs and your fellow students, give you a solid foundation in basics of programming in Ruby, object oriented programming, relational databases and both front-end and backend web development. Their formula of building upon your existing knowledge and progressively introducing more advance concepts really works.

Launch School has great instructors - they have a passion for coding and a true talent and passion for teaching. They know exactly the amount of information to pass on and what to let the student struggle with and figure out on their own. They want their students to succeed, and have come up with the formula to really teach you the skills needed for success in programming and web development. Also, the courses are fun and collaborative; I looked forward to every assignment and every exercise.

I am currently working on a web application for work, one that I spent years patching together, not really knowing what I was doing. Rather than being a frustrating and overwhelming experience, it is now a joy.